9,966,673 Easy Steps to becoming The Perfect Christian

9,966,673 Easy Steps to becoming The Perfect Christian
Genre: Christian Living
Publisher: Amazon
Length: 194 pages
ISBN: 9781500386429
Are there really unending rules to live by as a Christian? Or have I had it all backwards? Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions: Why do I feel so critical of others? Why can’t I feel God’s presence? Why do I care more about what people think than what God thinks? Why do I always feel GUILTY or that I’m falling short or failing? Why am I so afraid to be real? Why don’t I feel the love of God for unbelievers? Why don’t I love my neighbor like I should? Why is the Bible so boring (Is it even okay to say that?)? Why do I feel like I am NEVER doing enough?! I am so glad you asked! Walk with me through the pages of my life and my freedom that I have found and I believe it will also unfold some of your answers as well.
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About the Book
About the Author
Jessica Kalashnikov

Jessica Kalashnikov is mamma to 4 children and wife to, Ruslan, 14 years. She has known the Lord since age 7 and has continued growing, healing, and sharing her life experiences with anyone and everyone who is hungry for more of God. She is on the SOZO team at Christ's Center in Junction, City Or, as well as the prayer team. She and her husband lead the Love After Marriage Class for marrieds. She enjoys her once a month working with the Sunday school, and is a photographer by trade. She loves living life to the fullest and wants everyone else to experience the same contentment.

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